IFS Faculty Profiles

David Stern, Psy. D

David Stern is a psychologist, Certified IFS Therapist and Consultant (IFS Institute) who has been in private practice in Providence, RI, for more than 20 years. Formerly on the Committee for Spirituality and Psychotherapy at The William James College in Massachusetts and the New England Center for Existential Therapy, he has presented locally and nationally on the practical and theoretical aspects of the spiritual dimension of psychotherapy. He runs many consultation groups with therapists from around the world and has presented numerous times at the annual IFS conference.

Stephanie Mitchell, Diploma in Counselling (Australia)

Stephanie is Certified Level 3 trained IFS Practitioner (IFS Institute), as well as a trauma Psychotherapist, working in private practice in Adelaide, South Australia. She offers group therapy, consultation and workshops in the IFS Model. Stephanie specializes in working with complex trauma and has undertaken extensive training, including over 100 hours with Richard Schwartz. Believing that a therapist can only take a client as far as they themselves have travelled Stephanie has over 500 hours of her own personal therapy in the IFS Model and is deeply acquainted with her own parts, embodying the model from the inside out.

Ken Jaeger, LICSW, CGP

Ken is a practicing social worker and group psychotherapist in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, USA. He began his IFS training in 2012 with the IFS Institute. Rather than integrating IFS into his existing understanding of psychological healing, IFS became the model into which he integrated other modalities. IFS gave him a renewed interest in the healing practices that an individual’s spiritual and religious traditions can offer. One recent outcome of that interest has been the completion of a 200-hour yoga teacher training in Kundalini yoga.