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Additional Courses

Courses listed below are in addition to the ADLER Professional Coaching Certificate Program offered by the Faculty of Professional Coaching. They offer additional specialized training in coaching or in the coach approach for leaders, managers, HR professionals, teachers, and other human services professionals.

Coaching Strategies, Competencies and Skills for Leaders

September 23 and 24, 2021 From 9:00 to 4:30
Facilitator: Adria Trowhill

Register for $549.99 plus tax

The purpose of this program is to provide leaders with the foundational skills to build better relationships and conduct effective coaching conversations. It provides an in-depth focus on the mindset, skills and competencies involved in the coaching process.

Through the course of the two days, participants will:

 Be introduced to the coaching framework and create awareness of how it is applied in the workplace

 Acquire the skills necessary to raise awareness of the mindset, limiting beliefs, assumptions and other barriers that can hinder performance.

 Be provided with opportunities to practice the tools, competencies and skills of coaching.

 Engage in an action-planning personal accountability process which increases the potential to produce desired results.

Coaching Impact

This two-day program is intended for individuals who might not want to become a “professional coach” yet find it valuable to acquire certain skills of a professional coach to use in their work, and in their lives. During the intensive sessions, students will learn, practice and experience the tools as both coach and “coachee”, allowing them to have confidence when using them.

Coaching/Changing with the Brain in Mind—The Science of personal Development with Linda Page, Ph.D., ACPC – Co-Author of Coaching with the Brain in Mind: Foundations for Practice

In this two-day program, participants utilize theories from neuroscience, to better understand the development of brain-based skills that support coaching competencies.

By learning how the brain works in the context of decision-making and problem solving, participants gain greater knowledge, awareness and skills to assist in developing the potential of their teams.

Learning how to leverage change in a collaborative environment will also lead to personal growth and development for the coach.


The Living Systems Approach™ - Team Coaching

The Living Systems Approach™ Coaching collaborative Work groups and Intact Teams

with a newly developed format, the virtual learning environment and extended course length offers participants the opportunity to deepen newly acquired skills and apply the learning in real time.

 Learn the LSA™ coaching model, as well as the Guidelines and Principles for team coaching, with designer Adria Trowhill, MCC & Brian Cyr,PCC.

 26 hours of Live/online training

  • Access to all The Living Systems Approach™ material
  • An ongoing LSA™ community network with regular virtual learning labs
  • Approved by ICF for 23 Core Competency and 1 Resource Development CCE

Dates: Coming This Fall!

Value: $2495.00 ($100.00 discount to ADLER students)

 To reserve your spot or for any inquiries contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • Jane Kidner"Outstanding value. This course far exceeded my expectations. It was incredibly rich in content and extremely well taught. No matter what I do next, this course has forever changed how I will approach coaching relationships for the better.

    Jane Kidner
  • Heather Haigh "Upon reflection, the depth and breadth of the Adler coaching program is astounding. I feel so well positioned for Practicum and I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in coaching or who has coaching within their role at an organization.

    Heather Haigh
  • Judi Argue"First I need to share with you how amazing the experience has been with Adler and my coaching foundations course. The course design and delivery are fantastic and Robin is spectacular!

    Judi Argue