Coaching Services (Find a Coach)

When looking for a product or a service,  many of us will ask our friends if they know anyone.  At Adler, we are looking for ways to connect people who are looking for a coach with the professionals that we know will do a great job - our Adler Coaching Alumni.  
We also offer a variety of services and price packages for individuals and organizations looking to benefit for our coaching services.  Email Norma Cortes at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.

Our trained coaches

Pauline Abbott- Till, ICF Certified, ACC, B.Sc, CHRL
Whole Pie Coaching & Consulting

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Combining my 25+ years of HR experience and coaching certification, I provide support via coaching to leaders, high potential professionals and individuals wishing to explore career change and individual growth to achieve personal success and fulfillment.


 Eman AlSmady, ATC -----

Believes coaching is a creative, strength based, transformational process, where partnering with individuals and groups maximize their personal and professional potentials. She is passionate about helping people realize their authentic power, enabling them to see their choices and trust themselves.


Maryam K. Aryafar, ICF Credentialed ACC
GPS Coaching -

I provide the following services:

  • Private coaching to Leverage Your Strengths
  • Executive Coaching to Unleash Your Potential
  • Divorce coaching to Be Your Best Self

I am here to assist you with your personal and professional challenges and through our collaboration, together, we can take action on creating the change that you are seeking!

Jo Bennett, ACPC,PCC -----
Solomojo Coaching

Jo Bennett coaches leaders on intentional life performance, shifting from achievement to fulfillment. The result is a more skilful professional and personal presence that contributes to generating mindful solutions and taking meaningful action, for the client, and the environment around them.  In addition to customized coaching, a faciliated online program is available for 50+ to 'age deliberately' by digging deep into evolving identity, connections and purpose in the second half of life.

David Blaser, BA,Hons BComm, PCC-----
CentrePoint Executive Coaching

Our Executive clients become better leaders, create wonderful cultures in their organizations and live more balanced lives. Offering Executive, Career, Life and Anxiety Coaching.

Ian Crawford ACC ATC -----

Ian Crawford is a change agent, awakening transformation in emerging leaders so that they can fulfill their vision for their future. Ian brings over 30 years of experience in the public and arts management sectors. He has been a Senior Executive, professional mediator, and in-house coach for a large public sector organization.  He understands the needs of clients working in large organizations.  He helps high performance individuals, emerging leaders and teams to be stronger, more focused and more successful in attaining their goals.

Deena Deachman, ACC
Company Name: Here & Now Coaching
Certificates:  ATC – Adler Graduate Professional School, Associate Certified Coach – ICF

A passionate certified coach with over 25 years of Human Resources expertise working with Leaders supporting their personal & professional development.  Creating space to shift perspective and explore new self awareness that expands and transform leaders and clients to become their best self.

Interested to learn more, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Maggie DiStasi, ACPC, PCC -----
Process Based Living

Maggie DiStasi is a coach, facilitator and writer.  She helps people grow their confidence to know what to do next, and start taking action. Niche: career and life coaching, leaders in life, mindfulness.

Karen Hanna, ATC,  ACC -----
Karen Hanna Coaching

Adler Trained Coach; February 2014/Associate Certified Coach (ACC) May 2014.  Facilitator, National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder (NEA-BPD).  Board Member ICF, Ottawa Chapter

Joanna Harding-Duggan, BA, Dip CS, ACC -----
Joanna Harding-Duggan Coaching
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Joanna is a certified coach with specialized training in ADHD and executive function coaching. In this capacity she works collaboratively with adolescents and college students to identify goals and develop the self-awareness, systems, and strategies to meet these goals.

Anne Hurtubise, ACPC -----
Emotional Intelligence Corporation

Coaching Leaders and Teams to greatness. Specialized in Emotional Intelligence (EI).
EI Assessment tool, Executive coaching, Leadership Development, Team coaching and assessment, workshops, and Keynotes.

Bernita Kiefte , PhD (ABD), MBA, ACC -----
Whole Picture Coaching

As an Executive Coach, I inspire clients to effectively bridge professional success and wholistic well-being (heart, mind, body, spirit) by experimenting with efficient, evidence-based practices.

Janet MacPhee,  B.A., B.Ed., ACPC -----

Latitude44 is a boutique leadership development business that partners with clients to achieve enhanced performance. We work with leaders who want to increase their awareness of and grow critical leadership skills to build effective teams.

Alyusha Maharaj, B.A., LL.B., ACPC, ACC, WISF ----
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alyusha has over 20 years experience in global organizations as a trusted and insightful advisor, consultant, coach and trainer.  

Having started her career as a lawyer, Alyusha understands the importance of resilience and a success mindset to embrace and navigate change. 

Seeing the best in everyone, Alyusha excels at building relationships of trust and inspiring and motivating others to reach their potential. She is particularly passionate about helping high performers and professionals slow down and redefine success to include work/life balance and wellbeing.

Alyusha is a long standing and active member of the International Coaching Federation.  She is  also on the Coach and Advisor Network with The Law Society of Ontario.

Brian Martin, ACPC -----
Made to Measure HR Solutions

Over twenty years of experience transforming individual contributors, leaders, teams and organizations.  Specializing in Career, Leadership, Life Fulfillment and Relationship Coaching.

Carmelo Millimaci, ATC, ACC -----

Carmelo helps leaders and teams enhance professional and interpersonal skills to realize holistic business success. He has 20 years of corporate leadership and strategic experience working with executives and teams in Canada and globally as well as 5 years of professional coaching experience. Carmelo's coaching practice focuses on leadership developmentteam engagementcareer fulfillment and client experience excellence. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a free consultation.

Jessica Parker, ATC -----
Ignite Life Coaching

Ignite Life Coaching invites opportunity to gain clarity, realize your fullest potential and process that connects the dots to a life lived to the fullest.

Joan Rempel, ACC, PMP, Hons B.A. -----

Joan coaches on leadership, decision-making, structure and balance, career development, life goals, productivity, and project and program management.  Joan has a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, along with a significant career in project and program management.

Guy Reichard, MBA, ACPC, PCC -----
Coaching Breakthroughs

Executive Life Coach and Personal Growth Partner helps you discover your authentic self to live, love and lead with presence, courage and clarity.

Helping clients at any life/career stage who want compassionate and powerful support to help them break free from the shackles of limiting paradigms, beliefs or systems, so they can create more meaning, purpose, fulfillment and peace in their lives.

Colleen Rooney, ACPC, PCC -----
Coaching Connextions

With over 25 years in Corporate Leadership positions, Colleen provides one-on-one experience-based Executive Coaching specializing in leadership and career development.

Paula Seligman, ACC/PCC ICF, CDC Divorce and Transition Recovery Coach 
Paula Seligman Coaching

Individuals come to me when they feel stuck and overwhelmed as they start envisioning life after separation or divorce.  They want more control over this next chapter, and they just don’t know where to start.

Designing your life is about identifying your strengths and core values through self-realization to design a path that is uniquely your own.

As a coach, my presence helps facilitate change and creatively direct clients forward toward specific goals. Together we’ll connect to unpack your barriers to growth, so that you can achieve clarity when developing your visions for your life, with an action plan leading you towards actualization.  

Deborah Shukyn-Plageman (Miller)
Psychology (candidate), M.Ed.

PersonaGrata Consulting

Whether you are looking for a coach, mentor coach or coaching supervisor, I can help navigate the complexity of this moment and ensure a safe and non-judgemental space for all the human elements present in the coaching relationship. 

Sabrina Sourjah, Coach-in-Training, ICF Member -----

Salmon-Run Coaching

Sabrina Sourjah is a coach-in-training, with over a decade of corporate experience in financial, retail, and tech industries and 200 volunteer hours of working with distressed callers and intervening in suicide attempts. She specializes in working with techies, career professionals, immigrants, creatives, entrepreneurs, and teenagers (pro bono).

Her coaching philosophy is all about questioning limiting beliefs that our societies have fed us, so that we can get closer to our true selves. 

Please check her LinkedIn profile for recommendations form clients.

For coaching engagements: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Lisa Sansom, ACPC, MBA, MAPP -----
LVS Consulting

Lisa Sansom, Positive Interventionist, works with leaders and teams from a basis of applied positive psychology. She is available for coaching, speaking, training and consulting.

Michelle Scott, B.Sc., CHRP -----
Strategic Talent Solutions Inc.

Michelle has over 20 years of senior and executive level business expertise and specializes in leadership development, organization transformation and professional coaching.

David Silverman, ATC -----
Energie Coaching

Energie Coaching is a provider of professional coaching services geared to individuals looking to move forward with a new perspective in their personal or professional space.

Michelle Tajudeen, ACC -----
Meta Coaching & Consulting

Certified Mentor Coach, Certified Human Resources Leader (CHRL)

Certified Facilitator for Development Dimensions International Learning systems, Bachelor of Arts. Professional Coach & HR Consultant working with individuals, entrepreneurs and corporate organizations. 

Athena Westlaken, PCC, ACP -----
PowerVision Coaching & Consulting

Athena’s style of leadership and career coaching is characterized by her sharp insight, passion and energy for helping others discover their power, passion and potential.  Athena also holds the unique status for being recognized as the world’s 9th ranking internationally accredited Advanced Certified Practitioner in DISC, Motivators, Hartman Values Profile, EIQ-2 and Learning Styles Assessments.


  • Jane Kidner"Outstanding value. This course far exceeded my expectations. It was incredibly rich in content and extremely well taught. No matter what I do next, this course has forever changed how I will approach coaching relationships for the better.

    Jane Kidner
  • Heather Haigh "Upon reflection, the depth and breadth of the Adler coaching program is astounding. I feel so well positioned for Practicum and I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in coaching or who has coaching within their role at an organization.

    Heather Haigh
  • Judi Argue"First I need to share with you how amazing the experience has been with Adler and my coaching foundations course. The course design and delivery are fantastic and Robin is spectacular!

    Judi Argue