Corporate Corporate Coaching

Corporate coaching is an opportunity to bring the power of coaching directly into your organization, utilizing our top-notch coaching faculty to deliver products and services that drive your business results. Coaching isn’t just training. Coaching is a type of conversation that resonates beyond principles and into reflective, internalized learning that drives action. We regularly hear that coaching produces results in both personal and professional transformation, with growth that is immediate.

ADLER offers programs and services to expand your organization’s internal coaching capacity, cultivate a coaching culture, and develop your talent through coaching. Our award-winning coach training provides in-depth coaching, coach training and certification that delivers robust coaching services for organizations. Corporate coaching is the right option for: 

  • Managers, Leaders or People Developers who wish to add the coaching skill set to their portfolio
  • HR professionals that lead change and development strategies as either individual contributors or as whole departments
  • Internal coaching specialists, who may lead an internal coaching program and support an organizational coaching culture.
  • Change managers that wisht to design or boost individual and organizational success and establish a culture that supports employee development
  • Professionals responsible for creating capacity, communicating effectively, managing work groups, solving problems and making effective decisions.
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How Coaching Increases Your Competitive Edge

Done well, coaching is a critical part of your company’s business edge. Coaching results in:

  • Developing leadership skills that maximize employee engagement and retention
  • Creating a collaborative environment where others are inspired
  • Helping your organization transition effectively through rapid change
  • Contribute to efficiency, productivity and achievement of corporate business goals
  • Assess and implement corporate renewal in response to changing business conditions
  • Transform communication and conflict resolution in the workplace
  • Support professional and personal development of all employees
  • Integrate and enhance existing training, leadership development and organizational development

How Corporate Coaching Works

ADLER’s Corporate Coaching is recognized worldwide. Our team have the expertise to engage minds, facilitate constructive conversations, and optimizes collaboration. Positioning the coaching approach in an organizational context helps managers to align their coaching role with other manage/leader roles for greater effectiveness. How does it work? There are four steps to each of our corporate engagements:

  • Step 1: Diagnose: We’ll work with you to identify the most important aspects of your business challenges through assessment.
  • Step 2: Design: In collaboration with your key leaders, we’ll design sprints that address the findings from the assessment, focusing on objectives and key results.
  • Step 3: Deliver: We’ll implement the programs devised, with expert coaching at each step.
  • Step 4: Measure: We’ll gather information about effectiveness and tailor the next steps 

2022 Coaching Products


Neuroscience for Coaches Program

Brain is the management center of our bodies that perform multiple tasks for proper functioning of our lives. It is indeed a holistic structure.

Coaching from neuroscience perspective;

  • The main goal is to teach how brain works and how brain produces and stores thought, memory, skills, emotions and movement.
  • Focusing on the question “How it happens”, it opens a pathway to work on the question of “What and how it can be differentiated?”
  • This approach opens a new thinking mechanism in the brain and helps the brain to find new perspectives on issues. It also allows the brain to create more links.
  • Coaching from neuroscience perspective, following the information presented, aims to teach clients to focus in their own thoughts, and to teach how to learn others’ thoughts, rather than focusing and criticizing. It eases the process of appreciating the differences.
  • Although the known inputs can be processed easily by the brain, new inputs can’t be processed easily, and might not linked to an experiential link. Coaching from Neuroscience perspective helps both the Coach and Coachee to identify this stumbling moment, to ease interpreting the reasons behind it.
  • We already discussed how our brains constantly creating new links. Your brain is now creating new links while you were reading this information. When you repeat this reading process, the information gathered consolidates. When you tell someone else, it becomes more consolidated, and when you take action, information finds a place in permanent memory. Now, you have a strong synapse. Coaching from Neuroscience perspective uses this cycle to help the coachee to replace old habits with newly acquired habits.
  • We experience an ongoing process where links from childhood were pruned for the new links. The ability to create links continues throughout adulthood. New learnings are the main imperative for creating new links and for ensuring the continuity of plasticity.
  • Coaching from neuroscience perspective supports the Coachee via the methodology of keeping his/her focus to another level. This enables the coachee to focus on solutions, generate new thoughts and new perspectives about similar events from the past and use “updating” mechanism to create links among new habits.

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Workplace Renaissance: A Diagnostic for Post-Pandemic Organizations

What is the state of your workplace after the pandemic? What are you measuring in the new landscape? Why are you measuring it?

The Workplace Renaissance Diagnostic is an innovative tool that captures the two key dimensions that characterize every organization: purpose and productivity. It does this by investigating six key drivers in the new era of work: outcome focus, business agility and talent management (production drivers) along with leadership presence, culture and emotional vitality (purpose drivers). Through a rigorous investigation using proprietary metrics, interviews and other assessment tools, this comprehensive deep dive into your organizations’ state of health and performance is critical knowledge as you look to the future and set up the sprints you need to achieve forward momentum again.

Post-Pandemic Leadership

1 Full-Day Session

The Post-Pandemic Leadership program offers a fresh, immersive one-day experience designed for middle managers, senior leaders, decision-makers and people leaders within your organization. Designed for large groups, our Leadership Accelerator features two integrated keynote addresses that speak to the productivity challenges facing organizations in the wake of the pandemic. The first explores the leadership challenges related to business and workplace evolution, and the second delves into the psychology of pandemic-related trauma in the workforce. In breakout sessions, participants will discuss how the content maps onto their own workplace experiences, and leave being better informed and personally inspired to lead. Sessions will also include actioning for next steps so that your braintrust can help identify concrete ways to put your learning into action as you lead your organization forward.

How People Grow: Essential Coaching Skills and Techniques

1 Full-Day Session

What will it take for your people to find energy again? Between hardship (pandemics, talent drain or stress leave) and new energy is the messy stage of human growth. Do you know how to tend to that growth? Do you know what impacts it at work? This one-day session will deliver “coaching-lite” skills and techniques that quicken growth and development for people. Note that is not the same as our certified Coach Training program.

Working Genius™

Half-day Team Coaching Session

Far too many people and workplaces suffer from inefficiency and demoralization because they don't understand and leverage their working genius. As a result, people don't do the kind of work that gives them joy and energy, and projects then become marked by needless conflict, bottlenecks and dead-ends.

Organizations and teams that don't tap into the true genius of their members can't realize their own potential. The solution is for people to identify their areas of working genius, as well as their areas of life-draining weakness, and to put themselves in a position to tap into their genius more and engage in their weakness less. The Six Types of Working Genius™ is a tool that maximizes productivity by taking a fresh look at the working genius, the working competency and the working frustration of people trying to work together.

Incivility at Work

1 Half-Day Session

How do teams form strong, positive bonds with each other in the post-pandemic workplace? What does civility look like in a world that seems to have so little of it? In this 4-session series, take your team through a process of (re)learning the ingredients of good working relationships, the “rules” of good conflict, and how to separate personal feelings from professional differences.

The Marble Jar: Building Trust at Work

Trust is the bedrock of solid, long-term work with customers, peers, and managers. But, many of us struggle to find the deep knowledge needed to get high trust with others. With this curriculum, we break down the overwhelming word ‘trust,’ and get to the heart of its anatomy. Participants will learn to identify specific ways that will help them deepen their trust in their working relationships in clear, intentional ways and effective ways.


Rehab for Teams: Solutions for Burnout and Exhaustion

4 2-hour Coaching Sessions, bi-weekly

Thought self-care was about hot baths and candles? Nope. The impacts of the last two years has left many teams in varying states of anonymity, divisiveness, and exhaustion, and there aren’t enough candles to fix it. Thankfully, there is new wisdom for picking ourselves back up after exhaustion, a wisdom that helps the professional thrive again. Using presentation and breakouts, this talk is well suited for high-stress, high burnout, teams that need both relief from long, hard work, and a return to productivity again.

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  • Jane Kidner"Outstanding value. This course far exceeded my expectations. It was incredibly rich in content and extremely well taught. No matter what I do next, this course has forever changed how I will approach coaching relationships for the better.

    Jane Kidner
  • Heather Haigh "Upon reflection, the depth and breadth of the Adler coaching program is astounding. I feel so well positioned for Practicum and I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in coaching or who has coaching within their role at an organization.

    Heather Haigh
  • Judi Argue"First I need to share with you how amazing the experience has been with Adler and my coaching foundations course. The course design and delivery are fantastic and Robin is spectacular!

    Judi Argue