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Mindfulness Stabilization Training (MAST)

Research on Mindfulness Based Interventions (MBI’s) are showing very positive outcomes for moderate mental health problems such as depression and anxiety.   The traditional 8 week MBCT and MBSR programs offered through hospital and community based health care settings can be very difficult to access for people who are suffering from more acute mental health problems or experiencing instability in their lives.  Mindful Awareness Stabilization Training (MAST) is a brief 4 week program developed at St. Michael’s Hospital to teach introductory mindfulness and emotion regulation skills to people struggling with mental health challenges with an emphasis on psycho-education and shorter meditation practices.  This group has helped patients learn mindfulness skills to use in their daily life and also prepare them to participate in longer, more intensive 8-10 week groups, if they so choose. Concepts from sensorimotor psychotherapy such as the window of tolerance and basics of neuroscience are taught within the program to help patients understand the importance of modulating arousal in order to stay well.

This 2-day training will emphasize experiential learning by leading participants through the 4 week MAST curriculum followed by group discussion on the experience.  There will be time for in-session practice teaching of exercises and guided meditations.

GOALS: This training initiative will introduce clinicians to mindfulness practices through experiential learning.  Participants will have the skills to use the MAST curriculum to support clients in their setting.  This training will provide an opportunity for clinicians to deepen their own mindfulness practice which will serve as a foundation for providing mindfulness based interventions with clients.

  • 2-day course in Mindful Awareness Stabilization Training (15 hours)

Cost: $299 (+HST)

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