At ADLER we believe strongly in social entrepreneurship and giving back to the community.  We have a number of ongoing initiatives:

ALFREDS Community Mental Health Services

In collaboration with ALFREDS (Adler Learning Federation for Research, Education, and Delivery of Services), advanced ADLER students provide psychological, psychotherapy, and life coaching services to the community. Practicum students provide testing, psychotherapy, referral, coaching, and consultingservices, as appropriate to their qualifications, to community-based or organizational clients undersupervision of a qualified professional faculty member. Clients may be self-referred or referred by agencies or by health care or social services practitioners.

Life Plan - Coaching for At Risk Youth

Life Plan is a collaboration between ADLER and the PACT Urban Peace Program (Participation, Acknowledgement, Commitment & Transformation) to support youth involved with the justice system.
Through Life Plan, youth age 14 – 18 , who are deemed higher risk repeat offenders, receive life coaching from ADLER coaching graduates and advanced coaching students. As well, ADLER provides scholarships to youth involved in the PACT Urban Peace Program who show a desire and aptitude to become certified coaches and in turn, give back to their community through coaching.

Brands for Canada

brands-for-canada-iconBrands for Canada (BFC) is excited to partner with ADLER Graduate Coaching to support a new and exciting employment training program, the BFC EDGE program. This new program is a new and exciting employment training program, providing training to individuals with disabilities in the area of soft skills and life skills which are critical for securing and sustaining long-term employment. The program provides training in the areas of: EQ skills, leading with your strengths, communication, conflict resolution, managing your disability in the workplace, interview and job search support, and stress management. As part of the BFC EDGE program, participants receive ten coaching sessions from a professional ADLER coach who will provide support throughout the classroom experience, delivering a competitive EDGE in today’s job market. ADLER has also generously provided an opportunity to one EDGE graduate per year, to receive a scholarship for the Coach training program at ADLER.

Cindy Roemer Programs Director, Brands for Canada