Mission, Values & Goals

ADLER bases its philosophical assumptions, Core Values and Curriculum Guiding Principles on Individual Psychology, a comprehensive science-of-living system originated and developed by the well-known Austrian psychiatrist, Alfred Adler (1870-1937) who promoted basic values of community and social justice. 

Our Stylized ‘A’ logo is the Greek sign for Delta, symbolizing positive change. Each side of the triangle represents one of our three focus areas; Psychology and Psychotherapy, Coaching and Leadership, and Continuing Education and Community Service. All three areas of focus have a similar aim: to help people move towards positive change.

Our mission

Our mission

Our mission is to practice what we teach...in all our relations….


Our values

Our motto

ADLER supports the right of everyone to live free of oppression and deprivation.  What we want for ourselves, we want for all.


Our goals

Our vision

Our academic goal is to utilize humanistic and evidence-based principles of change… to empower ourselves and others in our families, communities, and the world by transforming Teaching into learning Careers into callings, Theory into practice and vice-versa.