Lunch & Learn - To Blaze or Not To Blaze?
Saturday 07 December 2019, 12:00pm - 02:00pm
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Guest speaker: Dr. David Teplin, C. Psych
Cost: Free

Talk: To Blaze or Not to Blaze?
This talk tackles what the Science says, and the various issues clinicians may want to think about, related to legalized cannabis, including:
*Is it about "reefer madness" or is cannabis really a "soft drug"?
*Are there potential harms of cannabis use?
*What populations might be more vulnerable or at greater risk?
*What determines a cannabis use disorder?
*Does cannabis use disorder occur with other mental health conditions?
*What are the treatment options for cannabis use disorder?
*What are the lower risk guidelines for cannabis use?
*What we still don't know? 

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Location 890 Yonge St. 9th Floor, Toronto, ON