Can I work as a psychologist with a Masters? I thought you needed a Doctoral degree?

The answer, under current legislation, is that you do not need a Doctoral level degree. Although registration varies by province, the College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO) licenses two titles for practitioners.  The first is the well-known title of Psychologist and the second is that of Psychological Associate.  This designation is for practitioners with a suitable masters level education. In other provinces such as Saskatchewan, the title Psychologist, is used for both Masters and Doctoral level practitioners.

What grades do I need for ALDER & do you just look at the last two years?

4-year undergraduate degree with a 3.0 cumulative GPA, “B”(on a 4-point scale) or better.  We do look at all four years of your degree. However, we do understand that sometimes first & second year don’t go as well as planned. You may also have personal circumstances that impacted your grades. At ADLER, we look at the entire package and focus on the individual.

What if I don’t have a four year, honours degree in Psychology?

No problem. The ADLER Transitional Equivalency program is designed to give you the undergraduate level psychology education you will need.  It bridges the gap between the undergraduate qualifications you have and those required for the Mpsy and to be eligible to register with the CPO.

How long is your degree?

The ADLER Master of Psychology Degree is a minimum of two years, but you can take up to five.

Why would it take me so long?

The ADLER Masters is offered on weekends. Students can decide by trimester how many credits they would like to take. This makes the program very flexible and many students work while they study.

Do I need a GRE?

No. If you have a GRE score you can submit as part of your application but we do not ask students to write the GRE.

Do I need to find a supervisor for my thesis before I am accepted into the program?

No. Students are guided throughout the program to help them decide the direction they would like to take, an MRP or Thesis. We then will work with the student to have either an internal supervisor or an external one, with internal support.