GP100: Thriving in Graduate School

Acceptance into graduate school, especially for students who have been away from post-secondary education for a number of years, presents unique challenges. From rekindling core academic skills and navigating online journal databases to writing graduate-level research papers linking psychological theory, research, and application, returning to graduate school can prove to be daunting. Nor is it easy to adopt the standpoint and practices of a truly reflective adult learner (and eventually practitioner) as well as balance the ongoing myriad of everyday life demands.

Thriving in Graduate School intends to introduce new students to a variety of strategies, skills, and resources that will facilitate their transition to, and success in, graduate studies at ADLER and beyond. GP-100 is a free, non-credit course required for all applicants seeking admission to any ADLER graduate degree or postgraduate certificate program, and optional for any student registered in any non-degree/non-postgraduate program.