Tuition & Fees

Financial Assistance may be available for those who qualify
All Fees are in Canadian Dollars

Basic Tuition

Program Tuition  
Doctor of Psychology 850 per credit
Master of Psychology 700 per credit
Masters Certificates 700 per credit
Transitional Equivalency 450 per credit
Auditing a Class 350 per credit
Student Fees Fee  
MPsy Learning Resources 150 per trimester
MPsy Student Activities 50 per trimester
MPsy International Student Fee 1000 per trimester

Administrative Fees

Request Fee  
Application Fee 85 one time
International Application Fee 100 one time
Late Signup 50 per credit
Add/Drop Fee 30 per credit
Continuous Enrolment 300 per trimester
Transfer Credit/Waiver 100 per credit
Transcript 30 per copy
Graduation 150 per program
Program Withdrawal 500  

Effective January 1, 2023 – December 31, 2023

Tuition is assessed per trimester and the rates may be differentiated depending on:

  1. First and continuing year of study
  2. Program of study and degree route
  3. International students

*Tuition and fees are subject to change at any time. Posted total tuition amounts are estimates based on current credit costs and fees and do not reflect any  future increases. The total cost of your program may be different than what is stated here.