Master of Psychology (MPsy-PTH) Program Map

Total Credits: 75


PSY-510 Motivation & Values

PSY-515 Social Dimensions of Psychotherapy

PSY-554 Comparative Psychotherapy

PSY-531 Assessment Fundamentals

PSY-512 Ethics & Law

PSY-574 Quantitative Analysis

PSY-501 Group Experiential


PSY-511 Interviewing and Alliance

PSY-521 History & Systems

PSY-517 Cultural Humility

PSY-518 Indigenous Psychotherapy

PSY-Psychopathology Fundamentals

PSY-575 Quantitative Analysis

PSY-502 Group Experiential


PSY-513 Safe and Effective use of Self

PSY-556 Pre-Practicum Skills Development

PSY-561 Psychopharmacology and Addictions

PSY-681 Trauma Psychotherapy

PSY-616 Professional Communications and Record-Keeping

PSY-576 Quantitative Analysis



PSY-682 Community Psychotherapy

PSY-623 Human Development and Change

PSY-667 Supervising Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy Practicum and Practicum Seminar

Major Research Project or Thesis and Seminar