CBT Online – Level 2: Advanced Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: Applications to Practice



Cognitive Behavioural Therapy – Advanced Practice (Level 2)

Format: Asynchronous (Online, self-directed) + 1 Live Consultation

Cost: $995 + HST

Course Duration: 12 Weeks                   

Textbooks: (Purchased for Part 1)

Certification: Successful completion of this course results in a Certificate in Advanced Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: Applications to Practice (40 Hours) and may meet your requirement for continuing education hours.

Who Should Take This Course: Registered Psychotherapists, Social Workers, Allied Health Professionals / Mental Health Professionals. 

Contact Us: For more information contact us at continuingeducation@adler.ca

Level 2 – Course Overview: 

For reasons that are many, and particularly after the pandemic of 2020-2021, the incidence of almost every mental health disorder is rising quickly. The World Health Organization has predicted that clinical depression alone will be the leading cause of workplace disability worldwide by 2020, second only to ischemic heart disease. Participants in this course will gain the skills and tools needed to resource their clients for health and resilience.

Course Outcomes  

  • Learn how to use CBT to address a variety of different mental health disorders.
  • Discover more about the “Behaviour” portion of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy as there are different Behaviour Interventions that are tailored to the client depending on the mental health disorder 
  • Become equipped to use a course pack of convenient treatment protocols for each disorder that can be referenced and applied immediately          


Students must have completed Level 1 – Fundamentals of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Students must also be members in good standing with a regulatory body that oversees counselling, psychology, social work or psychotherapy. Participants must have fluency in written English.

Certificate in CBT for Clinical Practitioners 

Approved by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy and taught by Beck-trained clinicians, this program is designed to help you discover and refine the approaches and skills of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. It is designed with a broad audience of students and practice types in mind and consists of two levels:

Level 1 – Fundamentals of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Level 2 – Advanced Cognitive Behaviour Therapy: Applications To Practice.

Getting Started & Certification                                                          

  1. Become Enrolled in The Online Learning Platform: Once payment is received, you will receive two emails: 1) A welcome email containing a UserID and instructions to set up your password, and 2) an enrolment email into our learning platform: Brightspace D2L. As soon as the enrolment email has been sent you have 12 weeks to complete the course. 
  2. Certification: Upon successful completion of all course requirements, including the submission of all course assignments,  and following their review by the teaching team, students will then be issued a certificate of completion.
  3. Continuing Education Requirements: 
    1. This course will satisfy most continuing education requirements. Please contact your regulatory body to confirm.
    2. Completing this course will not qualify you to register with any regulatory body in Ontario, including neither the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers (OCSWSSW), nor the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). There is no formal accreditation process for CBT in Canada; however, the CACBT is currently developing accreditation processes which, once completed, we aim to comply with. Please be advised that the Academy of Cognitive Therapy (USA) approves these courses of Cognitive Therapy, and completion of these courses will satisfy most continuing education requirements. You are advised to select learning that leads to the regulations/qualifications you hope to achieve in your career.                                                                  

Cancellations or Deferrals

We do not offer refunds or deferrals for purchased courses. Please purchase your course when you are able to begin and complete the course within the given timeframe. This policy is unique to online learning courses.