Part 5: Mentor Coaching – Oct 11, Nov 8 & Dec 13, 2023



Oct 11, Nov 8 & Dec 13, 2023 – 11:00am – 1:00pm ET (Virtual Group Mentor Sessions)

10 Hours of  Mentor Coaching: 6  Group, 4 one-on-one Individual Mentor Sessions to be scheduled separately between the instructor and each student

Prerequisite: Part 1: Foundations of Professional Coaching Part 2: Transformational Coaching: Applications to Client Context
Minimum of 50 hours client coaching experience (a minimum of 100 hours client coaching experience is recommended for individuals wishing to pursue their PCC designation)

Course Overview & Outcomes

  • Focused sessions on each of the 8 Core Competencies
  • 6 hours of small group Mentor Coaching
  • 4 hours of one-to-one individual Mentor Coaching with an experienced Mentor Coach
  • Preparation for the Performance Evaluation
  • Customized feedback that supports your growth on all 8 ICF Competencies

Contact Information

Courses and Registration: Please contact the Engagement Coordinator at

Billings or Payments: Please contact Accounting at

Schedule your PCC Performance Evaluation OR Certificates of Completion: Please contact the Coaching Program Director at

Director of Education: Please contact

Coach Education Program Coordinator: Please contact

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