Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) Program Map

Year One
Trimester I – 9 credits
Trimester II – 9 credits
Trimester III – 12 credits
Orientation Professionalization Group Professionalization Group
Professionalization Group Assessment & Treatment of Couples & Family Therapy
Indigenous Psychology Diverse Populations Substance Abuse & Treatment
Group Psychotherapy Neuropsychological Assessment Clincial Research Methodology
Advanced Adult Psychopathology Advanced Statistics Elective (2 options per trimester)
Year Two

Trimester IV – 9 credits

Trimester V – 9 credits

Trimester VI – 9 credits

Elective (2 options per trimester) Elective (2 options per trimester) Supervising Psychological Services
Practicum I Practicum II Practicum III
Practicum Seminar I Practicum Seminar II Practicum Seminar III
Dissertation I Dissertation II Dissertation III
Dissertation Seminar I Dissertation Seminar II Dissertation Seminar III
Year Three

Trimester VII – 0 credits

Trimester VIII – 0 credits

Trimester IX – 0 credits

Internship Internship Internship